Car Maintenance On Curacao

There aren’t a lot of vehicles on the island of Curacao but the ones that are here need to be kept in good shape. This means that regular maintenance is something that all vehicle owners need to take care of. On a small island like this it can be a challenge to do this though. Here are some options to consider when maintaining your vehicle:

Choose a reputable service agent

There are a number of people who claim to be able to service a vehicle but that doesn’t mean that they actually can. Some of the older cars have less complicated engines and are easier to service. The newer vehicles often have more complicated electronics that require proper diagnostic equipment to be able to properly service them. Having a poorly qualified mechanic work on your vehicle could leave you with a car that is worse off than it was before. If there is an agent for your make of car then rather spend the extra money and have them service it for you. This will definitely save you money in the long run.

Sourcing Spares

A lot of the cost of maintaining a vehicle lies in the cost of spares. Sourcing the right spare part for your vehicle can be a challenge at the best of times. On an island like Curacao it is especially difficult. Most of the service agents here do not keep stock of spares and so they need to order them in. The shipping cost makes this an expensive exercise. You can check the price of the spares online and then negotiate the cost with the service agents who are working on your vehicle. Alternatively, you can order the parts yourself online and then supply them to your service agent.

Second hand spares

If you’re looking to save some money then you could always source reconditioned or recycled car parts. Sometimes these parts come from wrecked cars and the parts themselves may have very little mileage on them. There aren’t any junk yards on Curacao but there are a number in the US that list their inventory online and will ship their goods to Curacao.

Common sense

Just using common sense will also go a long way to keep your car in good shape. Make sure that you use the correct grade fuel. Top up your oil and coolant regularly. Even just keeping your car clean regularly will extend the life of your vehicle. Following a good maintenance schedule for your vehicle costs money but it will always save you money in the long run.