Eco-Friendly Car Power Options in Curacao

Curacao WillemstadThe beautiful island of Curacao is home to a diverse people and stunning environment. While it doesn’t have a lot of roads they must rank as som of the most beautiful in the world. Residents of Curacao are quite aware of the sensitivity of the environment they live in and want to make sure that they do their best to preserve it. Choosing fuel efficient and eco-friendly modes of transport is a fine way to do this. Here are the different options to choose from when deciding which vehicle to buy.

Gas / Petrol
Regular gas, or petrol, vehicles were historically not the most fuel efficient vehicles. They were popular because they were easy to service and get spares for and were fairly cheap to run. With increased regulation on vehicle emissions these vehicles have become more and more fuel efficient. They don’t quite have the efficiency of diesel engines yet but they also don’t release particulate like the diesel engines do.

Diesel vehicles have for a long time now held the record for most fuel efficient internal combustion engine. While they are typically noisier than a petrol engine they do get more miles to the gallon. This is one of the reasons why many people feel that these are the natural choice if you’re looking for a eco-friendly vehicle. This isn’t always the case though. The particulate from diesel exhaust fumes is beginning to create a big problem in countries within places like Europe. The fine black soot from diesel emissions will even begin to coat building surfaces after years of heavy traffic. fifa 17 hack

There has been a lot of hype around cars that run on biofuel. Biofuel is essentially a highly combustible alcohol that is produced from natural sources such as sugar cane. This means that no oil was needed to produce this fuel. The production of oil based fuels is a big source of pollutants even before the fuel reaches the vehicle. This makes biofuel vehicles seem like a more environmentally friendly option. They may be cleaner burning engines but they still produce carbon dioxide which is also a greenhouse gas. The other impact of biofuel to consider is where it comes from. When sugar cane, or other crops, is used to produce biofuel then these crops are not adding to our food supply. This has had bad effects on some communities. Not all vehicles can run on biofuel and it’s important to check with your car manufacturer before trying it.

A hybrid car relies both on a petrol powered internal combustion engine as well as an electric motor powered by batteries. In heavy traffic the electric motor will move you along quietly without burning any fuel. When you need some extra power, or when the batteries run flat, the petrol engine kicks in and powers the car. These vehicles have become more affordable and as a result we see more and more cars like the Toyota Prius on our roads. Recharging the batteries does raise some of its own challenges and these batteries also need to be replaced every few years.

There has been a lot of excitement about the possibility of soon having affordable electric cars on our roads. Companies like Tesla have made huge strides in producing 100% electric vehicles. Unlike the hybrid vehicles, these cars rely purely on electricity that is stored in their batteries to power their motors. The source of this electricity determines how eco-friendly this option really is though. If you are relying on a coal burning power station to recharge your batteries then you are still having an adverse effect on the environment. These are probably the best option if you’re looking for a “green” car but they are still expensive and getting spares for them can be tricky. Many have actually managed to buy the latest high tech electric cars by accumulating free bitcoins.

If you can afford it then a pure electric vehicle like those from Tesla are probably your most eco-friendly option. If your budget doesn’t extend quite that far then a hybrid is a good bet too. Even a small petrol engine with a turbo can be a good choice. Before buying one make sure to ask your dealer about the emission figures. If we all do our part then we can keep Curacao looking beautiful for the years to come.