Tips For Driving In Curacao

If you’re a first time visitor to Curacao then you may want to rent a car to get around our lovely island. There are some important things to remember when using our roads so please take note of the following. Paying careful attention will ensure a safe driving experience.

If you come from the USA you’re in luck because we drive on the right hand side of the road here. If you want to overtake another car you do this on the left.

You’ve probably come to Curacao to relax a bit so take it easy. Our speed limit in the built-up areas is 40km/h (25mph) and once you get outside of town you can go 60km/h (37mph). There’s really no need to rush.

If you’re driving along in traffic and cars are trying to enter that road from side roads then it’s important to remember that they have the right of way. People in Curacao are friendly so let them in and give them a wave and a smile.

If you’re visiting us during the months from October to February then be prepared to get a little wet. These are our rainy months so slow down and take some extra care on the road.

When you need to fill up the process may be a little different to what you’re used to back home. You need to first go to the gas station office and pay upfront for the fuel you need. Then you can go and fill your car up at the pump. At some gas stations there may be someone to help you put the petrol in your car and they always appreciate a small tip for their help.

The roads in Curacao aren’t very well lit in some places so make sure that you keep your lights on as soon as the sun begins to set.

If you follow these bits of motoring advice then we are sure that your visit to our island will be a safe and happy one. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!